CR and the Nones — Judgement Day

, the guy behind the Look At My Records! podcast and music blog, and his pal (who plays in the band ), have launched a new record label called . Their first ever release is this lovely tune from Jersey City-based project, , which is led by songwriter , whose previous band, , became popular around New Jersey.

will be part of forthcoming album, . It is a sweet blend of folk and rock that results in a great melody that suits Chris’ vocals really well. The song talks about the experience of going through hardships and persevering in order to overcome them. If this song is a sign of what’s coming in the album, we should keep it in the radar because it is going to be a refreshing blast. This is a great start for both the band and and we look forward to more music from them. Please check them out.

Featured on the following mixtapes:



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