CR and the Nones — Judgement Day

Tom Gallo, the guy behind the Look At My Records! podcast and music blog, and his pal Nick Lafalce (who plays in the band Atlas Engine), have launched a new record label called Favorite Friend Records. Their first ever release is this lovely tune from Jersey City-based project, CR and the Nones, which is led by songwriter Chris Gennone, whose previous band, CR Ant The Degenerates, became popular around New Jersey.

Judgement Day will be part of CR and the Nones forthcoming album, Living In Fear. It is a sweet blend of folk and rock that results in a great melody that suits Chris’ vocals really well. The song talks about the experience of going through hardships and persevering in order to overcome them. If this song is a sign of what’s coming in the album, we should keep it in the radar because it is going to be a refreshing blast. This is a great start for both the band and Favorite Friend Records and we look forward to more music from them. Please check them out.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

Originally published at on October 5, 2020.




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The Alternative Mixtapes

The Alternative Mixtapes

Find your next #musicalcrush here! Follow us for the best alternative music updates.

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